History of the Original Fort Victoria

Fort Victoria Original Bastion

Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Victoria

As a product of today's society it may be hard for us to imagine how a small Hudson's Bay Fort began over 150 years ago, with no infrastructure, technology or modern communication. What initiated the need for a new trading post on the north Pacific Coast? How did the construction begin, and what was life in the Fort really like?

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Dr. Herbert Plasterer, founder of Fort Victoria RV Park, book

Free Book FORT VICTORIA - From Fur Trading Post to Capital City

Read more about the history of The Fort with a book from Dr. Herbert Plasterer, founder of Fort Victoria RV Park. Click on the photo to the left to open (right click and select 'save link as' to download).

Maps, photos, and excerpts written by some of the original residents of the Fort will keep you enthralled.